Emotions are running high, and arguments are exploding and relationships getting messy. Nobody can consider one another, and each little thing is annoying someone within the house. Mum and dad are bickering, the kids are shouting. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Affects of lockdown on relations

This lockdown has thrown most light on relationships, the self, and reality. It’s been positive for a few, and unsettling for those feeling ‘trapped’ with their ‘loved ones’. The initial videos and posts of the many were all about being grateful for family time, cooking together, playing games, enjoying much needed time together. But within a week, many videos began surfacing about how it was getting suffocating and intolerable to remain under one roof with the people we love and call family. Yes! These days, relationships are put through the washer, toaster, grill, and can never be constant again.

There are many families around the world who are struggling with these worries, stressors, and uncertainties.

Talking and Listening (Arguments)

A frequent explanation for arguments and tension during a household may be an absence of communication.  An argument where both people see something is often hard to undertake and resolve. While it’s important to acknowledge your own feelings and to understand others’ opinions too.

Being locked down together means everyone lives together than usual. COVID-19 is a huge reason behind stress in children, adolescents, and adults alike. Finding a while to sit down and talk together about those stresses.

Stress Management

The anxiety and fear we’re living in at once are affecting our ability to prevent, consider, and stay calm when faced with an argument, or rude comment. When stress levels are at 8, it only takes something small to push people over 10 and explode. For parents, it is important to remember that you’re great parents, and this is human nature, and managing your own stress can assist you to deal with that. Stress management for the entire family is the most important way to calm the house environment.

Family activities

It may be useful to plan some activities together as a family and involve friends and family as much as possible.  Send a recipe around to everyone that you all cook “in the previous blog I mentioned” (WHAT LOCKDOWN HAS TAUGHT US) together on a weekend over a video call. Have a games night that even the tiniest member can take part in. Do some gardening together or some exercises. Make a list of all the films you would like to watch or the house activities you would like to do, and cross them off as you go. Everyone is practicing acts of kindness to help each other in your household chores.

For instance, my mother is a working woman and I myself go to college, and before lockdown, we never get enough time to spend together except on some occasions or parties. During this pandemic situation of COVID-19, lockdown occurs and first, it seems like everything gets stopped for a short time. Later on, I noticed that this is the most effective time to form a strong bond with my mother as since the high-standard schooling I never got that huge time to spend with her and I started working with her, helping her in household chores, started cooking meals and new dishes as everyone does. She taught me the way to bake a ‘Cake’ and make ‘Pani-Puri’ and lots of other tasty dishes. Everything has its good and bad sides both.

Lockdown seems to be a blessing for me as I enjoyed many precious moments of my life with my family and created immeasurable memories and good relationships and bonds.


Everyone is going to be experiencing this point differently. Some will seem to cope, the least of on the outside; others will struggle. Some may find it so overwhelming that their psychological state may become affected. That’s why it’s so important to look after yourself and the people around you. Make allowances, reach out to one another, and evoke help if you would like it.

“Working together, sharing responsibilities, and communicating go a protracted way in reducing stress”. Also, people work on building a healthy environment for the family. “It helps one feel valued and loved. Concentrate on the positive qualities of others and appreciate their work.


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