Schools and colleges across the country are closed for physical education, but virtual learning the students are still going on in this pandemic situation of COVID19. Earlier, it seemed to be a difficult thing for everyone whether it is a teacher or a student. But slowly everyone gets used to it as no other option is there. In spite of making 2020, a zero session or to waste the year of a child, every other person in the education department is giving their best to provide education to the children of their country.


Difficulties Faced By the Teachers:

Instructional Strategy for students

In the virtual mode of study, it is really important to make students engage in the class and the content. As physical presence matters most than the black screens of the children in the meetings. The content needs to be of more sense that the students get involved in the classes. It also helps teachers to get motivated to teach the pupils.

Staying Connected with the Students

However, the teachers who have the habit of teaching the number of students in front of them have the habit of reading faces and expressions of the children.

Additionally, they feel vibes and create connections with the students. Also, the pupils feel the connection and willing to acknowledge more which arouses the competition among them. But, this pandemic hits everyone and virtual education took place which made teaching more difficult. Teachers are putting their every possible effort to make classes interesting.

Difficulties Faced By the Students

Over Scheduling for pupils

Earlier the schedule was fixed, from a home timetable to a school timetable. Every child followed their routine. Initially, at the starting of the lockdown, the session was at the end and there was a gap at the starting of the new session. However, as the online schedule arrived, it seemed to be fun staying at home and to take 6-7 classes a day. Gradually, every kid starts missing their school, their friends, and all the fun things they used to do in their physical form classes. This homeschooling made children routinely disturbed, as they start involving in other activities too. This ultimately made the children tired and sick.


Understanding E-learning

Not every kid has the ability to understand things faster. It seems like E-learning is not a cup for every child. Those who are slow learners or primary students who need attention face more difficulties in this online study process. Additionally, there are many concepts that a student won’t be able to understand just by hearing or seeing online presentations.

Lost Creativity

All because of online teaching and staying home every other kid lost the creativity of experiencing new things. They are lacking in practical knowledge which hides their creativeness. Students are not getting any lab or field to explore new things.

All these showed the helplessness of every student and, teacher towards their sufferings due to the pandemic situations. Let’s not lose hope, and pray for betterment.

Stay dedicated to your goals and you will achieve one day.

Also, appreciate each other about their willingness to acknowledging the things in better ways!

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