Christmas Celebration in Goa

December is the coldest month in India and loveliest of all! It’s the time once the weather is tempting as ever. Outdoors sing in melancholy, the Sun is delicate, waves in the ocean are at their mischievous best and hearts are nearer than ever. Whereas entire India is preparing to welcome the New Year, Goa – a former colony of the Portuguese, gears up for December 25th. Christmas celebration in Goa is a nice carnival once each nook and corner of the place is drenched in lights and decorations.


Christmas in Goa is all about the smell of scented candles, the sound of the carol, and the exchange of tons of gifts. Arranges an evening out with friends, hear the ringing sound of church bells, and watch a firework.

However, the pandemic situation is going, and the good news is in our way. It seems that tourists are allowed to visit GOA now. So, book your tickets and pack your bags to break your monotony from this COVID19 lockdown period. Be sure to follow the guidelines and take care of yourselves.

5 distinctive Experiences For A Christmas Celebration In Goa

Christmas is the time when entire Goa basks in festivities and is adorned up sort of a bride. There are lots of places for a Christmas celebration in old Goa. The place is dotted with ancient design happiness to medieval times. Hit the province streets because the festivities are all over the place and don’t miss out the Christmas carnival in Goa:

1. Go For Mass Missa De Galo

Missa de Gallo is a name for the Roman Catholic Mass celebrated around midnight of Christmas Eve and within the days preceding Christmas.

Midnight Mass could be a well-liked Christmas tradition in Goa throughout New Year Eve. With 400 churches in Goa, individuals will attend a midnight Mass at one among the churches on Christmas Eve. Nothing provides a satisfying feeling than expression a prayer at Basilica of Bom Jesus – one among India’s oldest churches.

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This makes for the proper place to relish the Christmas festivities. With hymns and Carols all around, you’ll create the foremost of the gala season. Midnight Mass proceedings usually begin by 10 pm it’s best to grab a seat at the church beforehand.

2. Attend A Firework Show

Every place in Goa is drenched in celebration and lights. Watch the cracker show all around, the complete place turns into a dreamy show and is indeed a treat to the eyes! The old region having most of the churches in the province experiences the burst of sunshine and one will soak within the exotic joyous vibes within the air.

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Anjuna Beach offers myriad colors and light because the entire beach space goes partying till dawn, with the crazy crowd and colorful cracker show it’s one amongst the foremost vital things to lay eyes on throughout the Christmas celebration.

Goa appearance gorgeous with fireworks within the sky, it adds to the sweetness of the destination. The fireworks that happen on Christmas Eve are completely exciting. This site could be a balm to the sore eyes, it’s therefore gorgeous! You’ll twirl below the firework lit sky and build the foremost out of it.

3. Eat Homemade Chocolates

What is Christmas without homemade goodies? Plum cakes are therefore well-liked and one among the Christmas specials in Goa! And it becomes even more delicious once you bring up the Christmas celebration. The homemade chocolate cakes are thus delightful and lip-smacking. Colored marchpane for Christmas is another well-liked dish.

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There are different mouthwatering Goan dishes that are a must-try for each food lover. A number of the favored dishes in Goa throughout Christmas are Bebinca, Neuros, Dodol, Bathica, and Korbola. These dishes may be tried at the popular bakeries in Panjim, Mapusa, Candolim, and Margao to be precise.

4. Attend A Christmas Eve Dance

Goa boasts of a nightlife that fewer places will even fancy! Throughout the month of December, Goa is lit with party lovers rocking the dance floor. What’s special throughout Christmas Eve in Goa is that the exciting vibes, nice amiableness, and sparkling decorations around. The trance party, techno parties, and rave parties in places like Vagator and Anjuna are a must-attend on a special day.

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Jive, waltz, or fox-trot to the native bands would compel you to sway to their tunes. Those retro numbers and Konkani numbers are too sensible for the grand occasion.

5. Be Part Of Crib-Making And Star-Making Competition

Christmas crib is a widespread attraction throughout the celebrations. Folks participate in numerous competitions and are available up with a large number of interior style concepts, and furnishings. The foremost outstanding ones are those depicting the village of Jesus.

Additionally, you’ll take part in cake mixture ceremony and connoisseur lessons whereby festivities are celebrated by admixture cherries, dates, plums, and dry fruit with the likes of rum, whiskey, and wine. Crib hopping in the province and attending plays and X-Mas party across Goa are the opposite most well-liked events throughout Christmas in Goa.

Enjoy your trip and jam-packed your mobile phones with numerous memories!!!

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