Hi, I’m Aakriti, I’m a Writer, Dreamer, Nomad and Travel addict originally from Delhi in India. I am pursuing my graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication and have done content writing. Moreover travel slowly, independently and on a budget in India to experience new things. I fell in love with India. I set up this website to share my tips and experiences. Currently, I am heading my  Channel on YouTube. If you’re an influencer looking to review your products my page is for you.

“keeping dreams in eyes, moving to chase my aim, obeying the orders of feet, I move along for an impulsive journey…….”


As a freelance content writer, my main objective is to spread knowledge about traveling  and the current issues of the world.

Through this I hope to reach too many people. As knowledge is all about sharing so I invite the people to share their knowledge on this platform also. 

Let’s make a chain of “real” knowledge.